Our skills
and areas of expertise

Study office and project management

Looking for a real partner? Precious Watch Factory accompanies you, whatever the challenge. Our design office is committed to providing you with personalized and appropriate solutions to your various needs and issues.

From tooling design, to the development of your project, including the calculation of your precious metal needs and costs, …. PWF is there for you!

Manufacture of cutting and stamping tools

Component production

Active in stamping, the high-end die-cutting Precious Watch Factory has placed its cursor at the cutting edge of technology.

In order to meet the requirements of our customers, our machine park consists of:

wire and sinking EDMs, Humard 200 and 125 ton hydraulic presses, water and gas quenching furnaces, ultrasonic washing and complete general mechanics.
We mainly supply the watchmaking industry but also fine jewelry, aeronautics and the medical field.

We are dedicated to the stamping of precious metals, such as yellow gold, white gold and red gold. Platinum or rare metals such as tantalum are the specialties of Precious Watch Factory.

Management of precious and rare metals

Precious Watch Factory is a partner of the major Swiss precious metal refiners. We are in the process of (LBA) AML certification, as well as RJC-COC.

We take care of the management of your weight accounts, your production waste, your precious metal refining.

Our production site and our transporter are accredited and certified to meet the requirements for the production and transport of precious metals.


PWF offers finished products in the form of components. Cutting, machining, deformation, sanding are part of the operations carried out by PWF so that the element obtains its final shape. Ultrasound, hydraulic and mechanical presses, marking, finishing operations are varied.


Deformation also takes place by cutting and then stamping the struck parts. So the customer just has to do the finishing touches. The technique allows the customer to receive a semi-finished product on which the work is less and the amount of immobilized raw material is greatly reduced.


From industry to watchmaking, medical and aeronautics, PWF is able to offer a range of precision cutting tools adapted to all needs. Thanks to the expertise of the company is for the benefit of a know-how combining knowledge and experience. A composition that allows us to offer tailor-made solutions and valuable personalization to our customers.